“As featured at the Golden Globes” … no, for real, though.

This year, for the first time, the Golden Globes Red Carpet was streamed live on Twitter. Super cool, right? They had some awesome promo videos …

They even had them playing in the background of the red carpet show …

(Yep, that sure is Mel Gibson standing in front of my hand! Also Chrissy Metz, Michael Keaton … okay, I gotta stop going through and watching these over and over again.)

Needless to say I watched the entire red carpet show, which started early on a Monday morning here in Australia. I was supposed to be working at the time, but I was far too busy squeaking with glee every time I spotted myself.

But I think the biggest thrill was a couple of days later, at a workshop in Fitzroy Gardens, where I mentioned that I’d done some videos for the Globes to a total stranger, and he said “Oh, I noticed those!”

‘scuse me I’m just going to be bouncing up and down in my seat in excitement for, oh, at least a few more days.

Shoutout to Karl at KustomHaus wax stamps – I needed a custom seal for this video in a big hurry, and he was fantastic to work with.  If you’re in Australia and you need a wax seal or ten, highly recommend!


2 thoughts on ““As featured at the Golden Globes” … no, for real, though.

  1. Hey Lady, I am so unbelievably proud of you. You so deserve this, and I cannot be happier to see your business doing so well. I’m wishing you all the more success, your work is beautiful. Congrats! – G


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