Workshop announcement!

You guys, I am so ready for this.  I love teaching so much, and I love Brisbane, and I love the guys at Elemental Creative Hub – so I’m putting the three together on April 1st this year!

(No, not an April Fool’s joke!)

If you are a total beginner or you haven’t done calligraphy for years but you want to get back into it, come in the morning – everything is provided, you don’t need anything, just turn up and you get a lovely goody bag to take home.

And if you love it and want to stick around, or if you don’t need a beginner class but you want to spend some time refining your script, come in the afternoon and I’ll sort you out!

If these book out (I sent out the announcement to my mailing list fifteen minutes ago and had my first booking ten minutes later!  Guys, my FACE RIGHT NOW!) I might be able to put together another – but I’m only in Brisbane for a limited time so we’ll see how that goes.

And if you want to join in:  here’s the link to book!




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